Setting up post to wordpress in google docs – don’t bother

Posting from Microsoft Word to WordPress is really simple.

Create a new word document and choose Blog post as the template format.

Click on Manage Accounts and select New Blog Account.

If you are using WordPress the next screen shows this.

Enter the URL, remembering to keep the www. At the start, enter username and password and that is it.

Write your article. Hit Publish.

It just works.

Google Docs to WordPress has not been so simple to try and set up.

I first tried the Publish to WordPress plugin. It installs, but needs quite a lot more to do to actually work. Follow these instructions and see if you can make it work.

Quick search, and while some people have made it work, it’s just not worth the hassle.

I’m going back to Microsoft Word.

p.s. I tried emacs as well, but after fiddling with the settings for ages that isn’t much fun either.

If you want to write, just stick with Microsoft.

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